In a world of ever increasing demand for energy, the Group’s oil and gas interests cover the full spectrum of fossil fuel activities ranging from green field exploration to full field development and production. The Group utilizes its expertise not only for its own field interests but also for those of third party oil companies.

Today O.G. Energy, through O.G. Oil & Gas, owns exploration and production interests (onshore & offshore) in the Australasia and South East Asia region. The Group is also a global leader in the provision of FSO and FPSO units to the offshore oil and gas industry through Omni Offshore Terminals. The Group adheres to the most stringent safety demands in all of its endeavors and has an impeccable safety and environment track record.

O.G. Oil & Gas

O.G. Oil & Gas was established to hold the Group’s oil & gas exploration and production field interests. This is undertaken through both direct participation in exploration and production licenses as well as through strategic shareholdings in established oil & gas companies, such as New Zealand Oil and Gas and Cue Energy. Read the latest news on O.G. Energy here.

Omni Offshore Terminals

Omni Offshore Terminals, established in the early 1990s, is a leading provider of floating, production, storage and offloading (FSO and FPSO) solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry. OMNI designs, builds, owns and operates offshore units globally. It is committed to working closely with oil companies to meet their demand for offshore units by providing bespoke solutions to individualized field development plans.