Philanthropy has always been an important part of our family business story.

Our founder, Sammy Ofer KBE, was a committed philanthropist who believed in giving generous support to charitable causes and cultural institutions. (Find out more about Sammy Ofer)

He established and financed many programmes for the public good, including the creation of a fund to assist people in need with life-saving medication as well as a variety of educational scholarships. He was also a particular supporter of the maritime heritage of the UK.

Today, the family continues Sammy’s philanthropic legacy, in particular through the Eyal & Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation which acts as a platform for the family’s charitable giving in support of education and the arts.

In tandem with the work of the Foundation, education is a particular priority for Ofer Global. The “Sammy and Eyal Ofer Scholarship Fund” offers a scholarship programme which provides seafarers of Zodiac with the opportunity for their children to receive a scholarship to study at universities of their own home countries.

Cutty Sark's golden hull
A Sammy and Eyal Ofer Scholarship Fund school