Corporate Responsibility

Our enterprise is committed to acting responsibly and making a positive contribution to the world around us.


Our shipping businesses take safety, environmental matters, energy conservation and compliance with international obligations extremely seriously. Zodiac Group adheres to the highest standards of health and safety in the maritime sector, ensuring that we operate sustainably in the environment and reduce the impact of our activities. Our commitment to safer, cleaner and more efficient shipping is integral to our mission to provide quality shipping operations.

Real estate

Real estate development is a vital engine of the global economy. It builds communities, provides infrastructure for commerce and unlocks value in our urban spaces.

Our real estate businesses are committed to ensuring that we enhance the long-term value of our assets through responsible development and by acting sustainably in both our investment strategy and the management of our properties.

Our people

The professionalism, dedication and talent of our people are essential to our success. So we make it a priority to provide market-leading training and career development programmes for our employees.

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Bulk carrier Cape Eagle with helipad
Zodiac Maritime ship