Technology & Innovation

Technology is a key driver of change and success in all industries today. Our Group is constantly focused on being at the forefront of harnessing and enabling tech innovation for the future of our businesses.

We continuously monitor scope for increased innovation within our various divisions. Additionally, we have also been a long-time investor in a range of successful technology companies, and we are a committed supporter of tech entrepreneurs.

O.G. Tech

O.G. Tech is the venture capital (VC) arm of Ofer Global. Launched in 2017, O.G. Tech is a single LP VC focused on investing in early-growth-stage technology startups, led by bold entrepreneurs developing innovative technologies and disrupting industries and markets globally.

O.G. Tech’s unique structure makes it a flexible, transparent and fast moving VC, which benefits from the Group’s long-term commitment and extensive global network.

As part of Ofer Global, O.G. Tech is committed to be a unique VC – combining long term investment perspective, leading cross-sector expertise and far-reaching global networks with a transparent process and a personal, agile, flexible approach to investments.

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