Eyal & Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation

Philanthropy has always been an important part of our family business story.

The Eyal and Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation is a multi-generational philanthropic foundation supporting projects in education, healthcare and the arts.

We work in partnership with organisations to provide not only financial support but also advisory expertise. Our mission is to work alongside our partners to help them focus on and enhance their mission, achieve their targets and maximise impact. We support charities, institutions and initiatives around the world in their work – particularly in the United Kingdom, Israel and the United States.

The Eyal & Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation continues the philanthropic legacy of Sammy Ofer KBE. Sammy was a committed philanthropist who believed in giving generous support to charitable causes and cultural institutions, establishing many programmes for the public good. He was also a particular supporter of the maritime heritage of the UK. (Find out more about Sammy Ofer)